Are you a consumer in need of protection? Have you bought something (like a car or a laptop) that has not turned out to be what you thought? Is it not what you wanted? You probably feel frustrated and that you have been ripped off. If you are a supplier of goods or services and a consumer has complained to you, we can provide you with practical legal solutions related to consumer protection.

If you are a consumer and you:

Do you feel that you are a consumer in need of protection? We are unfortunately not able to consult with you personally and provide a cost effective solution. We do want to help you, so these are the steps you can take, without consulting us.

Read a Guide on Consumer Protection

The Department of Trade and Industry has drafted a guide to help consumers. Please click here to download and read it.

Resolve the issue with the supplier

First, try to sort out the issue with the company concerned. This is always the best route. Talking to people is usually the best way to resolve any dispute. Taking legal action seldom solves the problem.

Lodge a complaint

  • Visit the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud website and lodge an online complaint.
  • Phone the dti Customer Contact Centre on 0861 843 384.
  • Phone the Office of the Consumer Protector (OCP) on (012) 394 1436 / 1558 / 1076.
  • Email the dti:
  • Visit the National Consumer Commission website and download the complaint form. You can also call them on (012) 761 3200 or email
  • Report the customer service to Hellopeter.
  • If your complaint relates to a credit provider, lodge a complaint with the NCR.
  • If someone has infringed your privacy, complain here.

If your problem is related to a motor vehicle

Visit the Motor Industry Ombudsman website and download the complaint form. You can also call them on 0861 164 672 or email

Visit the National Consumer Forum website

Visit the National Consumer Forum website and find out where you can complain.

We wish you every success in resolving your dispute.