Why don’t you outsource your domain name dispute to South Africa? There are two things you should do when it comes to allocating legal work most effectively. The first is that of decomposing legal work and the second is the sourcing of the most appropriate resource to provide the legal service.

A great example is the way in which a domain name dispute can be broken down into various different steps. We have broken down the resolution of a domain name dispute into various steps that should be followed in a logical sequence.

The benefits of outsourcing

  • Draft the complaint or response for half the fee (or less) you charge.
  • Reduce your workload.
  • Get the same fee from the client, but with less effort

When it comes to sourcing of the most appropriate resource to provide the legal service required for the specific step, an option is to outsource or subcontract the work to less costly locations. The purpose is clear, to reduce costs. In the current economic circumstances, this is becoming all the more important. South Africa is one of those less costly locations – overheads in the form of property and labour are both lower in South Africa.

Outsource your domain name dispute to South Africa

So, why not consider outsourcing parts (if not the whole) of the resolution of your domain name dispute to attorneys in South Africa? There are various individuals who are legally qualified and have experience in domain name disputes relating to virtually all domains. Law firms in high cost locations are subcontracting work to South Africa and in this way reducing the overall cost of the service to the client. In some cases, they have developed the argument and the attorney in South Africa simply drafts the complaint in accordance with the instructions. Some in-house legal departments are also reducing their workload in this way.

We, as South African attorneys, can draft a complaint, response, or rely to a response cheaper and at a higher standard than anywhere in the world.