Company law and the relationship between shareholders is the foundation of all organisations. You can be a sole proprietor, but otherwise you need a legal person or entity to operate. You need to get it right. We provide various services that relate to how company law affects companies and close corporations. We have specific knowledge and experience on the South African Companies Act and Companies Regulations, and CIPC (or CIPRO). We like to ensure that you understand the potential opportunities and pitfalls of these Acts and regulations, to ensure you are protected and that your experience is a positive one.

What we offer regards company law

We can help you:

  1. Understand company law (like the South African Companies Act) and the impact on your organisation by attending a workshop or reading this website.
  2. Structure your business correctly from a South African perspective and draft the agreements required to achieve that.
  3. Register a company. It is better to register a new company rather than buy a shelf company.
  4. Draft or amend a memorandum of incorporation (memorandum) for a company.
  5. Draft a new shareholders agreement or review your old shareholders agreement.
  6. Appoint a director or change a director correctly.
  7. Sell or buy shares by concluding a Sale of Shares Agreement.
  8. Issue shares to a shareholder of a company.
  9. Manage the relationship between shareholders by attending a workshop.
  10. Ensure that key people are vested in the organisation’s success.
  11. Review your documents to ensure that they comply with (or are in line) with company law.
  12. Grow, restructure or exit your IT company through mergers and acquisitions.

What we offer close corporations and members

  1. Convert a close corporation into a company (a CC to a Pty) – you will have to this at some point.
  2. Regulate the relationship between members by concluding an Association Agreement or Members Agreement.
  3. Sell or buy a members interest by concluding a Sale of Members Interest Agreement.


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