Association Agreement between members of a CC

///Association Agreement between members of a CC
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Do you want to sign a new association agreement? There are good reasons for wanting to do so. It regulates the relationship between the members of a close corporation. It tries to ensure that you still speak to each other after a few years. It is essential that the members of a close corporation sign an association agreement – preferably at the beginning of the relationship.  Read our article Mother of all disputes to find out why. Essentially, an association agreement prevents disputes and conflicts in the future.

Who is an association agreement suitable for?

The members of any close corporation.

What you get?

The association agreement will be:

We will answer your questions and ensure that you do it correctly.

What is the process?

  1. We will ask you various questions and gather the necessary information.
  2. We create the necessary document customised for you. You review and approve it.
  3. We send you a final version of the agreement and the relevant people sign them.


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