South African law is fairly clear that software (in the form of computer programs) cannot be patented. You cannot get a software patent. There is however some uncertainty and debate about the issue.

There is also uncertainly about whether you can patent a business method or not? It may be possible.

There is a press release on ITWeb that asks the question: Software patents: where to from here? This is quite an interesting article, especially this bit:

Due to the fact that patent applications filed at the South African Patent Office are automatically granted, and that the validity of a patent is only questioned if patent revocation proceedings are instituted in court, it is wise for a South African company to obtain as many patents in this area as possible. This can be looked at in business terms as a somewhat risky investment with possible long-term returns.

An interesting approach, but a few people have critiqued it saying that it may not work.

If you want to investigate this further, we suggest you go to a patent law expert.