Customer Agreements Manual

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You’ve purchased our customer agreement templates.  Are you unsure of how to use them?  Do your employees know how to use them properly?  Do you have a lot of employees that will need to be briefed on how to use them?  Then the Customer Agreements Manual is for you.  This manual will layout exactly when and how to use each template as well as show how the various documents interact with each other.  The Manual will ensure that the correct procedures are followed.  It will help your employees use the templates correctly.  Hopefully this will maximise revenue and minimise risk.

Who are they suitable for?

Anyone who has purchased our customer agreement templates.

What you get?

An easy to read and understand manual that will show:

  • When and how to use the various documents
  • How the various documents interact with each other
  • Basic storyboards for common scenarios

Decades of Experience

The team at Online Legal have spent years developing templates in practice as attorneys working with thousands of organizations such as yours.  We have distilled our knowledge on how the various documents interact,and how to use them according to best business practices. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Easy to understand

The manual has been written in plain language so that it is easily understood.  People who will be using the various documents for the first time will have no doubt on how they are supposed to be used and when to use them with the aid of this manual.


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