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Cyber Crime Explained

Find out about the cyber crimes that exist in South African law and how they affect you or your business. Our law recognises the criminal threat that exists to cyberspace and as a result cyber crimes were introduced into our [...]

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Cyberbullying v Freedom of Speech

Many people around the world reacted strongly against "cyberbullying" or cyber-bullying after the suicide of Megan Meier in 2006. She committed suicide after alleged online harassment by a fictitious "teen boy" who turned out to be the mother of a [...]

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Can I use an online casino or betting web site?

Are South African residents permitted to use online casinos and betting websites?  Is any regulatory consent or age, credit or other verification required? The Supreme Court of Appeal (the highest authority on all cases except cases relating to constitutional rights), [...]

Ripping CDs can be unlawful

Many of us convert audio CDs we have bought from their native CD-DA format to MP3 or some other compressed audio format . The act of converting CDs is commonly known as "ripping" - when the term was coined, it [...]

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