Is the PAIA Manual Deadline upon us?

//Is the PAIA Manual Deadline upon us?

You may have received an alarming email warning you to submit your PAIA manual or risk missing the deadline of 31 December 2015. December is fast approaching and you’re wondering whether you need one. According to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) website, PAIA manuals must be submitted by the 31 December 2015 deadline.

  • But is all of this really necessary?
  • Do you need a PAIA manual?
  • Is there actually a deadline?

There isn’t really a deadline. What is really happening is that on 31 December 2015 the current exemption granted by the government expires. Before the warning bells go off for you, you need to ask, am I currently exempt?

Don’t get bullied into getting a PAIA Manual

Currently exempt from having a PAIA Manual

You don’t need one now and probably never will

If yes, you don’t need one before 31 December 2015. Most SMEs are exempt. Based on previous experiences, the exemption is likely to be extended again. This has already happened twice before in 2005 and 2010. Wait until next year to see if you will be exempt again. If you don’t meet the threshold, you do not need a PAIA manual by law. You won’t need to spend additional money compiling and submitting a manual. Don’t let someone convince you that you need one, when you actually don’t.

Not currently exempt from having a PAIA Manual

You needed one 12 years ago

If you are not currently exempt, you needed a PAIA manual from 12 years ago, not by 31 December 2015. And after 31 December 2015 you probably still won’t be exempt. Wait until next year to see if you will be exempt again. But you should factor compiling and submitting a PAIA manual into your business costs, especially if you want a good PAIA manual. We are experts in PAIA manuals and have experience in drafting a PAIA manual effectively. If you already have a manual, we can review it to check that it complies with the latest law.

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