Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

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  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

We, at Michalsons, are anti bribery and corruption. We recognise that all organisations have a responsibility to be ethical in their business practices and not engage in any activities that harm society, including unlawful activities. We also recognise the importance of these standards in the context of current corruption levels throughout the world, where organisations have a significant role to play in uplifting society and hopefully reducing the social ills that result from that corruption. This Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy tells you how we stand against all forms of bribery, corruption, unethical or unlawful conduct, or any other business activities that violate the values or spirit of human rights and good governance.

With this in mind, we always strive to:

  • treat you, our clients, and our employees fairly,
  • conduct our business in line with the law, including laws against bribery and corruption, and
  • provide friendly, transparent, and practical legal services that empower our clients and promote good ethics.

We call on all governments and organisations, large or small, public or private, to join us in opposing corruption and any other unethical activities.

We fight bribery

We understand that bribes are a means of influencing a person with underhanded offers in exchange for that person allowing certain favours.  These actions are corrupt, unethical and in violation of different laws across the world such as the UK Bribery Act, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act. They are everything that organisations and governments should avoid doing. We will, therefore, always strive to not engage in any act of bribery and will terminate any relationship we have with a person we suspect is involved in such acts. All our employees understand and respect the stance we have taken against any acts of bribery.

We are anti corruption

Corruption is an abuse of power in order to secure personal gain. It involves more than just accepting bribes. It includes:

  • a failure to report irregular activities in an organisation,
  • ignoring regulatory procedures, or
  • abusing power in any other manner.

Our work with the King Code on Corporate Governance helps us set a standard for good governance for ourselves and our clients as well. We, therefore, reject all forms of corruption not only because it is unlawful and unethical, but because it is not good governance, and can also lead to us failing our main mission – making the law accessible, empowering, and helpful. Ultimately, we hope that others will join our fight and declare that they are also anti bribery and corruption.

We support whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is a powerful tool for employees to responsibly and safely report corrupt, unlawful, unethical or irregular conduct that they become aware of. Employees should be able to take a stand against corruption, and not fear that they will receive punishment if they do. We respect any laws that aim to protect whistleblowers and create a safe environment within which the employees can responsibly disclose what they know. And while we strive to protect our clients’ personal information and keep all communications confidential and privileged, we do not support or in any way protect corruption. Instead, we welcome any disclosure that our employees want to make to us and (subject to attorney client privilege) the relevant authorities about their knowledge of a client’s corrupt activities.

Are you also Anti-Bribery and Corruption?

If you are still reading this policy, you obviously really care about your ethics and compliance with the law. We are really pleased that you are reading our policy and that you are also anti bribery and corruption. And if you also need an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy for your website, do not copy this one, we can help you draft one tailored for you.