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Investing in a whistleblowing policy is an excellent way to facilitate responsible, beneficial disclosures in your organisation. It can be difficult to create a workplace culture that facilitates disclosures. Who should employees make the disclosure to? Will they risk losing their jobs if they disclose information? A whistleblowing policy can answer these questions and help your organisation maximise the benefits of whistleblowing.

Why should an organisation encourage whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing or protected disclosures are a way of reporting corruption, discrimination, malpractices and other illegal or unethical activities within an organisation. They also allow an organisation to be the first to manage an internal crisis, for example, a security breach.

What issues will a whistleblowing policy deal with?

We can draft an whistleblowing policy that is tailored to your needs. We have extensive experience in labour, information security, data privacy law, and freedom of expression. We use this experience to balance out all the competing interests of the parties involved in whistleblowing to create a policy that answers all the important questions – such as:

  • What is a whistleblowing issue?
  • When is it legally required to disclose certain information?
  • What procedure should an employee follow if they want to disclose something?
  • Who can they talk to?
  • What happens to whistleblowers?
  • What happens if whistleblowers are victimised in the workplace?


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