Whistleblowing or protected disclosures are a way of reporting corruption, discrimination, malpractices, and other illegal or unethical activities in your organisation. It can be an extremely effective tool in combating fraud and exposing corruption.

The law regulating whistleblowing

Protected disclosures in the United Kingdom are mainly regulated by the Public Interest Disclosure Act of 1998. In South Africa, they are regulated by the Protected Disclosure Act 26 of 2000. The PDA outlines the procedure for protected disclosures. For example, what constitutes a protected disclosure and who you can disclose to. The global legal culture is changing to one that encourages these disclosures and legislates for it.

In South Africa, your organisation should take into account the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act (PCCA) when it comes to whistleblowing in your organisation. PCCA exists mainly to fight corruption within your organisation. Whistleblowing may intersect with anti-bribery and corruption.

How to apply whistleblowing practically?

People are often reluctant to report or disclose information because they are afraid of the consequences or they are do not know how to report it. You can create an open environment in the workplace by facilitating how these disclosures take place. Management must also communicate a positive attitude towards applying it practically. A positive management attitude towards it can contribute significantly to improving your organisation’s reputation in the market.

The aim of protected disclosures is to create a workplace culture that allows employees to disclose certain information in a responsible manner. A protected disclosure policy should outline practical steps that can be taken – e.g. who to disclose information to and how the whistleblower should be treated in the workplace.

How can we help you?

We can draft a policy that contains the practical steps to manage whistleblowing in your organisation. Our policies are tailored specifically to your organisation and will take into account all the concerns of the relevant parties.


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