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  • eSports Law

Esports law is a relatively young area of law, but it’s by no means a simple one. It brings together a variety of different legal interests. This makes it incredibly exciting, but also a little tricky to navigate. Some of the various laws involved include:

  • intellectual property licencing;
  • investments and sponsorships;
  • employment;
  • company or association structuring;
  • agency;
  • and more.

With so many facets to esports law to consider, it is important to understand where in the esports landscape you or your organisation fit. Are you a player, or a club? Are you an intellectual property holder, a distributor, or a sponsor? We want to help you answer what it is that you need, in the world of digital entertainment law.

How we can help you

Depending on who you are in the esports legal environment, we can help you with your:

  • employment contracts, if you are a player, club or league;
  • sponsorship agreements, if you are a sponsor, player, club, or league;
  • licencing and distribution agreements, if you are an intellectual property holder, distributor or tournament organiser;
  • agency agreements, if you are a player or an agent for a player;
  • association agreements, if you want to set up your own club or league.

Interested in esports law?

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