Using People’s Likeness In Games

//Using People’s Likeness In Games

Nick Hall talks about using people’s likeness in games and how this connects to likeness rights law in the US and South Africa. There have been a number of fairly famous likeness rights law cases recently, including:

These celebrities were able to sue the gaming companies due to the publicity rights laws of the United States. These publicity rights mean that as a human, you have a right to make sure and control how your identity is used for commercial purposes. This jurisdiction differs from others where the commercial requirement is not specified.

Likeness in South Africa

In South Africa, we have followed the United Kingdom’s jurisdiction for likeness rights law, that we do not have an explicit publicity right, but our common law states that it is a person’s constitutional right to privacy – this is where our publicity right is being developed.

Nick Hall discusses similar South African issues:

Watch the video below:

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