Critical Lawsuit – Video Game Law Podcast

//Critical Lawsuit – Video Game Law Podcast

Video game law gives us the opportunity to do what we love: talk about the law, games, and the law of games. Listen to Critical Lawsuit – our new and experimental podcast – where we discuss what we find interesting in the world of video game law and what we think it means. Be prepared for nerdiness.

Critical Lawsuit is currently on a hiatus! We will be back soon with some new content.

This week in video game law

News this week:

  • John Cleese upset about Australian “Faulty Towers Dining Experience” (2:06)
  • Blizzard partners with Scholastic to produce World of Warcraft: Traveler (4:26)
  • UC Irvine offers e-sports scholarship for League of Legends players (5:20)
  • E-sports at the Olympics? (6:04)
  • Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition had to be reverse engineered (9:32)

And our main topic:

  • How the law prevents us from preserving old games for academic and historical study (starts at 11:00)

Talk to us about games

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Video game law as we see it

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Listen to things we’ve discussed before

Week 5: Licencing your creative content – Marvel Studios case study (starts at 15:55)

  • Trendy Entertainment sues Ark: Survival Evolved developer for breach of restraint of trade (2:00)
  • That Dragon Cancer developer pulls Let’s Plays for copyright violations (4:52)
  • Valve loses Australian case: must offer refunds for digital goods (7:41)
  • Muslim fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov asks EA to change his character’s Christian post-match celebration in UFC2 (13:00)

Week 4: Film and Publications Board – Why do we classify? (starts at 13:32)

  • Jim Sterling sued $10 million by Digital Homicide for negative reviews (2:28)
  • Lindsay Lohan granted leave to proceed with case against Rockstar Games for using her likeness in GTA5 (5:41)
  • Virtual reality developers warn against producing horror games for VR (9:10)
  • Film and Publications Board in talks with Netflix regarding classifications and possible suspension of service in South Africa (11:41)

Week 3: User Generated Content under the Film and Publications Draft Online Policy

  • Vodacom sued for “advanced airtime” idea (3:12)
  • RAGE trademark dispute (4:50)
  • Disney, Wargaming and Activision will not attend E3 (7:12)
  • Emmys open up categories for short-form online media (10:27)
  • Copyright and the US presidential elections (13:17)
  • Close of Lionhead Studios (14:59)

Week 2: The Film and Publications Amendment Bill and Draft Online Policy

  • Patreon’s takedown procedure (2:40)
  • EA’s abandoned attempt to trademark “Ghost” (4:30)
  • Riot Games’ new requirements for League of Legends e-sports teams (5:44)
  • Tidal music streaming service sued, ironically (8:23)

Week 1: Finding our feet

  • The Activision Blizzard acquisition of King (10:40)
  • An indie lawsuit, Seggie v Roofdog Games Inc (23:05)
  • A new EU Online Consumer Dispute mechanism (29:20)
  • Nintendo’s take-down of a Youtube fan video (33:40)


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