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Are you looking for a legal assessment, like a risk assessment, an impact assessment, a requirements assessment or a readiness assessment?

Why do an Assessment?

The purpose of an assessment is for us to assess, evaluate or judge your organisation. It is not like a compliance audit where we compare your organisation to a law, and look for gaps or non-compliance. An assessment should:

  • set out where you currently stand,
  • give you insight into your organisation,
  • help identify and define the current reality, whatever that might be,
  • direct your improvement efforts or next steps, and
  • provide a measuring stick towards where you want to be.

Assessments that we offer

We have experience doing various different assessments (both face-to-face and online) regards various specific topics:

  • Privacy or Data Protection Impact Assessment (to assess your current privacy practices, your current state of your compliance with data protection law, where the biggest impact will be, and what you should focus on)
  • Requirements Assessment (to accurately identify what legal solutions you need)
  • Electronic Signature Assessment (to find out whether you’re ready to go paperless or not)
  • Information Security Assessment (to know at a high level your current level of information security and what you still need to do to comply with the relevant laws)
  • Data Protection Responsibility Assessment (to determine whether or not you are responsible for protecting personal data that is being processed)
  • Legal Risk Assessment (to assess what the most likely legal risk is for you)
  • Readiness Assessment (to assess how ready you are for the commencement of a law or to start your compliance programme)
  • Equal Pay Diagnosis and Assessment (to diagnose your specific business structure and needs and ensure that your business receives true value for what your employees are paid)

We also offer compliance audits, but that is something different.