Risk, Requirement or Impact Assessment

//Risk, Requirement or Impact Assessment
Risk, Requirement or Impact Assessment2019-03-06T11:52:30+02:00
  • Assessments, like an impact assessment, or risk assessment

Are you looking for a legal assessment, like a risk assessment, an impact assessment, a requirements assessment or a readiness assessment? The purpose of an assessment is for us to assess, evaluate or judge your organisation. We have years of experience doing various assessments on specific focus areas. We can also do a gap analysis or a compliance audit, but those are something different.

The benefits of an assessment

An assessment should:

  • set out where you currently stand,
  • give you insight into your organisation,
  • help identify and define the current reality, whatever that might be,
  • direct your improvement efforts or next steps, and
  • provide a measuring stick towards where you want to be.

Where are we?

Assessments that we offer

We have experience doing various different assessments (both face-to-face and online) regards various specific topics.

Data protection assessments

There are various data protection self-assessments that you can do on the ICO website.

Other types of assessments

An assessment focuses on where your organisation is at a point in time.