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  • data protection standard or GDPR compliance checklist or legal checklist

A legal checklist is an extremely important tool for a business. It can be a very effective method of complying with applicable laws, rules, codes or standards. There is a great book called The Checklist Manifesto, which gives some great background information on how useful checklists can be. But legal checklists must be good. So a lot more careful thinking needs to go into them.

What is in a Legal Checklist?

Drafting good legal checklists is not easy, because there are different factors we have to consider. But the legal checklists should not be complicated or difficult to implement. They must be simple and in plain language. They must be visually easy to use. They must set out:

  • the tasks that you must complete
  • important things for you to remember, and
  • references to the law, in case you need it.

We normally draft them on the basis that the person doing the checking will actually complete the checklist.

What can you use a Legal Checklist for

We can provide you with various checklists:

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