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Understand your responsibilities. Plot your actions.

What laws apply to my processing?

Will joining this programme help my school?

Who should join the data protection for schools programme?

What are the outcomes?

About the facilitator

Kevin Hoole
Kevin Hoole

Kevin offers practical solutions to difficult problems. He is thoughtful, enjoys tackling complex questions, and is determined to find answers that are simple, effective and insightful. He loves presenting on various legal topics and engages discussion easily. He has a passion for education, and strives to teach as much as he learns.

Why Michalsons?

Programme outline

How long is the programme?


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If you would prefer to work through the programme in the form of an in-person workshop, we can facilitate that. The workshop will cover the content as in the lens, but over the course of one day. Our sessions are interactive – you can ask questions, have your specific issues dealt with, and influence the discussion-points. Contact us for a quote.