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Schools process more sensitive personal data than most other kinds of organisations. With data on parents, teachers and children in particular, schools should be focusing their attentions on complying with modern data protection laws, like the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) in the EU, or the Protection of Personal Information Act (or POPIA) in South Africa. Whatever your jurisdiction, you need to consider your approach the question of data privacy. Failing to do so could cause serious harm, to the school, its stakeholders, or its learners. Our data protection for schools programme aims at helping you to understand your responsibilities, and plot your actions.

We have already helped many organisations comply with data protection law through our Data Protection Compliance Programme. But what are the key considerations surrounding data protection for schools specifically? Which areas should you focus on? What solutions should you avoid? Schools have certain unique data protection risks and requirements, and generic guidance is often not enough. You require detailed help to streamline your efforts, so that you can protect people from harm, and secure their right to privacy.

We can help. We simplify the requirements of data protection law, making it easy to understand and apply in a schooling environment. We also guide you through the practical issues that schools face most often. We can offer this material in the form of an online programme or an in-person workshop, either of which will be presented by an experienced data protection expert. If you are looking for a shorter, high-level summary of this content, please as us about an executive briefing.

  • Become aware about data protection law
  • Understand the broad landscape of data protection law and what practical steps you should take
  • Learn about the latest developments in data protection law, as they relate to a school environment
  • Find out how data protection law will impact your school, with practical examples
  • Learn how to comply and implement data protection compliance in your school

We do not currently have any public workshop dates scheduled. If you would like us to host a workshop near you, send us an email asking us to set a date in your city.

We also offer tailored private events that can be held at your premises on a day that suits you. If you cannot attend these data protection workshops, you may be interested in attending a data protection key insights webinar, or joining a Data Protection Compliance Programme.

The programme is split into six modules. Each module focuses on one of the areas of data protection most relevant to an educational environment, using practical examples that all schools will be familiar with.

  • Introduction to data protection
  • Learn about your data – teachers and parents
  • Learn about your data – learners
  • Plan your activities and actions
  • Protect your school
  • Sustain your compliance

We provide attendees with:

  • an electronic copy of our Data Protection for Schools presentation
  • our Data Protection mapper
  • our Quick Wins guide
  • our Key Insights handout, and a link to our 45 minute Key Insights video

Schools are open to all the same risks that apply to other types of organisations, plus more, including:

  • harm to learners as vulnerable data subjects
  • reputational damage
  • loss of customers and prospective customers
  • civil damages and class action lawsuits
  • fines
  • jail-time, in certain jurisdictions

The data protection for schools programme is aimed at those members of your school that focus on legal or compliance. It is not for everyone. We believe that – while there may be many different people involved in processing data at schools – you should have one or two people focus on the topic, and help manage and guide your school to better data protection compliance. The most important attendees include:

  • Governing Body Members (especially those focusing on legal and compliance issues) – to learn how best to comply with privacy laws
  • Data Protection Officers (and Information Officers) – to better understand the balance between access to and protection of data, and reduce their risk of personal liability

Any organisation that processes a lot of personal data. From a school perspective, this could be any school in the public or private sector. At the moment, our data protection for schools programme focuses on schools at a primary and secondary level. If you are a tertiary education institution, please see our Data Protection Compliance Programme, or email us directly.

  • We have significant practical experience dealing with data protection law.
  • Our sessions are interactive, where you can ask questions, have your specific issues dealt with, and influence the discussion-points.
  • We provide insight and simplify the issues, which can only be done after practically applying the laws to real business issues.
  • We empower you to work through the duties yourself, and do not try to entrench ourselves in your organisation.
  • We cover only those areas of data protection law that are most relevant to you, saving you time and money.
  • We think practically about the issues faced by schools, and the dangers faced by students, helping you to apply your energies to the most risky areas.

The material will be presented by one of our experienced data protection attorneys. Our presenters are the same attorneys who help many organisations comply with their data protection obligations. As such, they have first-hand experience of what the legal landscape looks like on the ground, and unique insights into how best to approach your various responsibilities as a data controller or processor.

We provide the data protection for schools programme in the form of an online programme, or a physical workshop or executive briefing. The online programme is a 6 week course, but you can complete it at any time and at your own pace. The workshop will generally be one or two full days, depending on your requirements.

If you require a high-level summary of the programme content, please ask us about our 45-minute executive briefing.

Our public events are at various venues around the world. We choose venues that are central and easy to get to, that have adequate parking, good food, and that ensure you are comfortable. We are also happy to give the data protection for schools workshop at your venue.

Feedback from the delegates about our workshops

I really enjoyed the format as it was fluid, topical and adapted with the audience and not a standardised workshop; reading out the Act.

Good, easy to understand approach. Liked the Data Privacy vs GDPR only approach – logical.

The workshop demystified a substantial amount of issues and did what it was supposed to “simplify” the law – Much appreciated!

Asset Manager at Property Fund company

So much value. Could be 2 days in depth.

Excellent presenter! Very knowledgable and read his audience needs well.

John was an excellent presenter and he gave me a good overview of the GDPR – thank you, John!

Brillant discussion!

John’s presentation was brilliant, very knowledgable and impeccable.