Need a Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure for your enterprise ?

The purpose of the Code and Procedure is to:

  • engender a culture of care and mutual respect for oneself, fellow employees, work, teamwork, customers and other persons associated with the enterprise and the environment;
  • treat all employees fairly and consistently in terms of the law;
  • give effect to and regulate the fundamental rights conferred by the Constitution;
  • provide a framework within which managers and employees can work together to maintain acceptable levels of behaviour and performance;
  • promote effective and speedy resolution of all disputes;
  • enable managers to conduct disciplinary investigations quickly without outside assistance;
  • dispense with formal ‘criminal’ type charges and procedures, including evidence; and
  • protect managers from adverse findings in the CCMA or Labour Court.

What you get

  • A combined Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure, in editable format.
  • Branding of the document.

What makes us different?

Over more than 40 years of practising as an attorney and labour lawyer Graham Giles  has developed a set of templates for the workplace. With all that practical experience Graham Giles  has assisted hundreds of enterprises such as yours and knows what works .

Easy to Read

We operate in a fast-paced information economy and are pressed for time and will generally only read what is relevant to us.  A good Code and Procedure focuses on particular audiences (typically owners and managers) addressing only those issues that are absolutely essential.

How do I get the Code and Procedure ?

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