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If you’re an employer, a good code of conduct and disciplinary procedure helps your organisation comply with labour laws. It helps you either avoid or properly resolve the disputes that happen when employees act in conflict with the acceptable levels of behaviour that you agreed with them about. It reduces the risk of some of your employees feeling aggrieved about a dispute they have with you or amongst themselves, and taking the matter to the CCMA or Labour Court. Another important consideration is that it helps save you time and money, because you either avoid fires or you put them out quickly.

What is a good code of conduct?

A code of conduct tells employees what is expected of them, so it is essential that you have one in place. Your code should engender a culture of care and mutual respect for oneself, fellow employees, work, customers and others associated with the work environment.

What is a good disciplinary procedure?

You need a good disciplinary procedure to follow. You cannot be burdened with lengthy procedures that are conducted like a criminal trial. You need a procedure that is effective, easy to follow and that does not take up all of your time. Your disputes must be handled effectively within the organization. Your disciplinary procedure must be fair and consistent. Employees must be treated fairly to avoid further disputes of unfairness. If you are consistent, it is easier to apply the procedure. Your procedure must be informal and not imitate a courtroom setting. Disciplinary procedures are separate from the criminal proceedings.

Actions you can take

  • Avoid disputes by asking us to draft a good Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure for you.
  • Resolve disputes by asking us to advise you on how to conduct disciplinary hearings in the right way.
  • Reduce legal risks by asking us to advise you on Labour and Employment Law

In what form is it?

  • It is bespoke (we consult with you and tailor it for your purposes).
  • We provide it in an editable format.
  • We customize it with your branding.

What makes us different?

Having more than 45 years of experience practising as an attorney and labour lawyer makes Graham Giles an excellent and uniquely-experienced resource for offering practical legal insight. He has used all that practical experience to develop a good set of templates for the workplace, and has also assisted hundreds of organizations such as yours. He knows what works.

Our code of conduct and disciplinary procedure is easy to read

We operate in a fast-paced information economy and are pressed for time and will generally only read what is relevant to us.  A good code and procedure focuses on particular audiences (typically owners and managers) addressing only those issues that are absolutely essential. Employees do not read 40-page documents filled with jargon that they do not understand. Your code must be accessible and easy to understand.


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