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Information security is becoming a critical part of all businesses. Information security laws include important areas such as data protection. The core purpose of these laws is to protect people from harm but, they also require businesses to rethink how they handle personal information. How does your business comply with these new laws? Businesses need guidance and effective, practical plans in place to help them manage information security. Businesses can do this by having an Information Security Guide. Our Information Security Guide sets out clearly what the your business’ obligations are when it comes to data privacy and information security.

Our Information Security Guide can help you

Our Information Security Guide is an essential tool in managing the personal information of employees and customers.

If your business does not have a clear procedure for protecting personal information then it is vulnerable to data breaches.

Our Information Security Guide can also help your business to manage such data breaches. Data breaches include: unlawfully accessing information (hacking), unauthorised access of information by people within your organisation, loss of data, destruction or damage of data.

The guide is a starting point in helping to:

  • empower your business to efficiently and lawfully deal with personal information;
  • educate your customers, employees and contractors about information security;
  • improve and protect your professional reputation in relation to information security; and
  • create a culture of practical information security management by giving you key steps to take to manage personal information.

What form does the Information Security Guide take?

We tailor the guide specifically to your organisation’s needs and can customise it with your branding. We make it available as:

  • a written booklet
  • a written PDF
  • an explanatory video
  • a presentation

Actions you can take

  • Empower yourself with knowledge of how information security requirements apply to you, by reading our Information Security guide.
  • Respond effectively to data breaches by asking us to draft you an incident response policy.
  • Raise awareness in your organisation by attending a public or private Information Security Workshop.
  • Find out how we can help you with POPI Act compliance by asking us to advise you.
  • Empower yourself with practical knowledge on the GDPR and its potential impact on your organisation by attending one of our GDPR workshops.
  • Know how the government classifies the information you process by asking us to advise you on the Minimum Information Security Standards (MISS), and other similar information security laws.
  • Be alerted to any new developments by subscribing to our newsletter.


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