Do an Online IT Contracts Assessment

Do an Online IT Contracts Assessment2018-01-23T19:58:23+02:00
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This is a high level IT Contracts Assessment questionnaire. Once you complete it, we’ll be able to assess the state of IT contracting within your organisation. Based on the  information you provide, we’ll either recommend that you attend a workshop; email you with next steps to take; or set up a call with you to discuss how we can help you improve your IT contracting.

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Please go ahead. (Approximately 6 minutes to complete).

IT Contracts Assessment

  • What is your email address? We need this to link your answers to you.
  • What's your phone number? We need your phone number to contact you, should we need to schedule a follow up call.
  • What is the full legal name of your organisation? E.g. Acme Corporation (Pty) Ltd.