What is an Incorporator of a Company?

//What is an Incorporator of a Company?

You might have noticed a person listed on the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and Notice of Incorporation as the incorporator. Who is the incorporator? Do they own part of the company? How are they different to a shareholder, director or member?

What or Who is an Incorporator of a Company?

A company is incorporated by the incorporator. This is the person who founded the company – the founder of the company. One person can incorporate a private company.

This person does not subscribe to the MOI or for shares. All they do is sign the notice and MOI. They have the account with CIPC. The incorporator is basically the person in charge of filing and interacting with CIPC.

Don’t be alarmed, they are not a shareholder or director, and they cannot play any role regards the running of the company.

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