Partnering with Oracle

//Partnering with Oracle

Most Oracle partners rely on a few individuals within the organisation to provide the sales or proposal teams of the Oracle partner with the current details about its relationship with Oracle in terms of licensing and pricing policies, with no specific point of reference to the actual agreements and Oracle’s current policies and product portfolio.

This leads to a great deal of confusion internally within the Oracle Partner organisation, as not everyone sings from the same song sheet and follows their own interpretation of agreements rather than those that are fully documented in the organisation’s relationship with Oracle. Oracle further exacerbates the confusion by continually moving the goalpost in terms of licensing rules and pricing metrics.

They come down hard on non-compliance

You do not want Oracle License Management Services to conduct a compliance review of your licensing. They come down hard on non-compliance and the monetary cost of non-compliance can be significant. Be proactive and ensure that you comply, rather than trying to comply once Oracle want to conduct a compliance review.

Every Oracle partner should have a company brief on its relationship with Oracle covering things like

  • the Oracle programs that a customer needs to use with the Oracle partner’s programs,
  • licensing policies,
  • a summary of the relationship between the Oracle partner and Oracle (including a diagram), and
  • a summary of possible offerings to customers.

The document should provide a summary of the pertinent information, be written in a non-technical manner and be as brief as possible. The specific details of the Oracle agreements should not be included as these change from time to time and the current agreements are available on-line through the Oracle Partner Network (OPN).

The company brief should be primarily aimed at those within the organisation who are in customer-facing situations. Prospective or existing customers may seek input on the Oracle product set or programs required to use the organisation’s programs. However, all within the organisation should be familiar with the organisation’s relationship with Oracle even if they may not be involved in making recommendations or formulating proposals.

The company brief should be prepared after taking legal advice on all issues where there may have been confusion in terms of agreements and obligations. From the date of publication, the company brief should be the only document that applies relating to the relationship with Oracle, irrespective of any other input from any other individuals.

Please contact us if you need assistance in draft a Company Brief on Oracle.

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