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Why we love a well planned journey

How do you feel about IT contracts? Whenever your business provides or receives goods or services with some online component, it is likely that you have entered into an IT contract. These don’t have to be contracts that you sign with a mouse-click – lots of people still sign IT contracts physically. Many people feel angry and confused when it comes to IT contracts, because they are usually long, unclear and complicated. This makes them weak and ineffective at making sure that people do what they agree to do. There is an unmet need for clarity and understanding because IT contracts are often difficult. We believe that they should be easy. We’re excited to share with you how they could be comfortably achieved with little effort or difficulty by: 

  • making sure that they’re clear and simple on the one hand; 
  • while remaining strong and robust on the other. 

How can cleaand strong IT contracts help you? 

IT contracts are at the core of many businesses today. With so much of your business life wrapped up in your contracts, it is important to make sure that you know what they say. Your contracts should assist the parties in having the best relationship possible, and not be something to fear looking at. Clear and strong IT contracts will put you at ease. They should be simple, and they should be robust. 

To have a strong, simple IT contract, you need to know:  

  • what kind of IT contract are you signing? 
  • what do you and the other party expect from each other under the contract? 
  • does the contract explain these expectations clearly and simply? 
  • what other important legal questions apply to the contract (like intellectual property, or data protection)? 

Having IT contracts that you trust will help to: 

  • protect your organisation from harm, because your contract is appropriate for the services provided and the IT contracts limit your liability fairly; 
  • reduce the risks of a dispute between you and the other party, because you are clear about what is expected of each party and the IT contracts describe how disputes are managed; 
  • speed up and simplify the signing process, because your contracts are written in plain language and the parties can sign them electronically. 

What are we going to do together? 

We’re going to help you create simple and strong IT contracts. We always draft in plain language, which will help you clearly set out what both parties expect from one another. We control versions but don’t set their clauses in cement because IT contracts need to be as flexible as your business. We always ask lots of questions, because an IT contract built on a great understanding of its needs avoids disputes and builds better relationships by being balanced and fair minded.

To sum it up, not only will you protect your business – all of this will also help to get your contracts signed faster. 

You’re no tourist to the world of contracts, but any wise traveler knows that a good guide’s experience can open new doors and reaffirm the value of old ones along your trip. By working with us you can acquire our many years of hard-won experience without any of the risk of opening all those doors yourself. 

It’s best we begin by narrowing down what your IT contract concerns are and which types of contract in your company could really benefit from our help. You’ll find a questionnaire to do just that when you visit: 

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