The Cyber Crime Bill has been formally introduced into Parliament

//The Cyber Crime Bill has been formally introduced into Parliament

Whatever you choose to call it, you need to know that the Cyber Crime Bill (or the Cybercrime Bill) is well on its way to becoming law. The Bill has been formally introduced into Parliament. The 2017 version that Cabinet has approved is  marginally better than the 2015 version and addresses some of the major areas of concerns that we (and others) previously pointed out. Despite the changes, the main purpose behind the Bill remains the same: creating a law to combat cybercrime.

What is different in this latest version of the Cyber Crime Bill

The latest version has made some important and necessary changes in how cybercrime is handled. The question now is: has the January 2017 version of the Bill properly addressed its previous issues? Will it become the cyber crimes law we need and put fear into all cyber criminals? Will it protect organisations who may be affected by hacks and any other cybercrime-related activities?

The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services has called for comments and public participation on the latest version of the Cybercrimes Bill, and comments close on Friday28 July 2017.

These changes may mean that the Bill now has more potential to have an impact.

Possible Actions for you to take

  1. Find out what is different in the new version by attending a public Cyber Crime and Security Workshop.
  2. Raise awareness within your organisation by arranging your own private in-house Cyber Crime and Security Workshop.
  3. Brief your board on cyber security risks and the legal implications for your organisation.
  4. Read the January 2017 version of the Bill (or the 2015 version) and its related CyberCrimes Discussion Document 2017 (or the 2015 version).
  5. Send this article to someone else you think might be interested.
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