Alert | Cybercrimes Bill 2017 Update

//Alert | Cybercrimes Bill 2017 Update

Today, the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has released a new version of the Cybercrimes Bill. This long-awaited bill was first released for public comment in August 2015. Since then, the Cybercrimes Bill has undergone significant changes with consultations from various stakeholders, to help make the Bill more effective in combating cybercrime in South Africa. We ran public workshops on the old version of the Bill to make it accessible and empower people to understand the impact of it. We also have been one of the parties working on this new version.

Why you should care

Cybercrime affects everyone. The Cybercrimes Bill will have a big impact on your business especially if you:

What actions can you possibly take?

The Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services has called for comments and public participation on the latest version of the Cybercrimes Bill, and comments must be submitted by Friday28 July 2017.