Sustainability and Social Responsibility

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  • Social or corporate responsibility and sustainability

We practice law to create a better society and protect people from harm.

We believe that one of the key ways of achieving sustainability is by listening to our clients, understanding what they need and delivering practical legal solutions. Building authentic relationships based on mutual respect, with our clients, the Michalsons team and our suppliers, ensures long-term engagement.

Corporate Social Investment

We believe we can contribute most effectively when we apply our legal expertise to organisations working in the public interest, particularly those working to strengthen awareness of our constitution and human rights and those organisations working to support a robust civil society. We support:

  • Wikipedia because it is important that everyone is able to learn and access information.
  • SAFLII because we believe that the law should be accessible. We encourage other organisations to donate and support SAFLII too.

Please contact us if you think your non-profit organisation would benefit from this type of support.

With the climate crises being such a pressing issue, Michalsons has also contributed to planting trees and curating the environment by supporting

Public Interest Work

To represent the public interest, Michalsons has focussed on providing comment and attending Parliamentary briefings and subcommittee meetings regards Bills that align with our areas of expertise:

Community service and free legal services

We believe we can broaden access to justice through community service.

Most people are able to pay others for what they need or us for the legal services that we provide. But there are some people who for various reasons genuinely can’t. We sometimes provide pro bono legal services to:

  • New entrepreneurs looking to start up a business by advising them and giving them tools, because they will create jobs and develop the economy.
  • Consumers who need protection (especially the poor and uneducated) by advising them of their rights.
  • Victims of Identity Theft by guiding them on how to protect themselves, because having your identity stolen is devastating.
  • Students by inviting them to attend our workshops, because they need to see the practical side of law and the law being applied in the real world.