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  • Save money by reducing your legal budget and spend. We have lower rates than the big firms. We offer alternative fee arrangements (including fixed fees). We have limits on disbursements and offer quick pay discounts.
  • Save time by receiving the right advice from a qualified professional. Easy access to a team of experienced and expert attorneys who focus on the law relating to technology. Avoid protracted negotiations.
  • Receive high quality work.
  • Quick responses – get legal services within agreed time frames.
  • Avoid legal problems, difficulties, and disputes by managing your legal risks.
  • Get punchy, practical, jargon-free, and actionable help that relates to your specific circumstances – we serve our clients as though we were advising our close friends or family
  • Be aware of what we are doing and what it is going to cost you – we are always transparent.
  • Make your life easier – reduce your workload.
  • Understand documents easily and avoid misunderstandings. We draft everything in plain language – which means that you will understand what you’re agreeing to.
  • Ensure that all communications, findings, and advice are privileged and no one can use them against you – this is only the case if you deal with a law firm registered with the law society.
  • Michalsons is certified as a level 4 BEE supplier. 100% of procurement spend may be included in your BEE scorecard.