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1. Introduction

This is an agreement for licensing legal terms from Michalsons Attorneys (us) to their end user (you).

2. The parties

We are a South African firm of attorneys regulated by the Cape Law Society and the licensor under this agreement. You are the end user of the legal terms and the licensee under this agreement.

3. Legal terms

The legal terms consist of any documents that contain a hyperlink to this agreement.

4. Our intellectual property

We hold copyright and other intellectual property rights in the legal terms. This means that they belong to us and you cannot use them without our permission.

5. Your license

We grant you a limited license to use the legal terms subject to the terms of this agreement. This means that you have our permission to use them on certain conditions.

6. Only for you

You may only use the legal terms for your transactions. You may not use them for anyone else’s transactions.

7. Limited modification

You may modify the terms yourself for your own business purposes. You may not appoint anyone else other than us to modify the terms on your behalf and you may not modify them for any other purposes.

8. Attribution required

You must credit us with having created the legal terms. This means that you may not remove our copyright notice, name, or hyperlink to our website.

9. Your breach.

You will be in breach of the license to use the legal terms if you use them contrary to this agreement.

10. Our damages

If you breach the license to use the terms, we may claim damages from you – including damages for copyright infringement.

11. Our limitation of liability

We are only liable to you for any direct damages that the legal terms may cause up to the total amount of fees that you have paid us in connection with them. We are not liable for any other losses that they may cause you.

12. You indemnify us

You indemnify us against any claims from third parties that the legal terms have caused them any losses.

13. Changes

We may change this agreement by updating this web page. The changed agreement will apply to you unless you stop using the legal terms.

14. Questions

If you have any questions about this agreement, please contact us at [email protected].

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