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  • Commercial lease agreement template

Do you have a standard commercial lease agreement template for all your commercial tenants? Is it a good one? Is it managing your risks, helping you to collect rent and reducing the amount of time you spend dealing with your tenant? Is it up-to-date with the latest law?

Relationships between a landlord and a tenant can get heated. Once the relationship has deteriorated and the parties turn to the lease agreement for help that is when they find out that neither of them understands the terms of the contract or that the lease agreement doesn’t help.

Problems with a Commercial Lease Agreement Template

Often they are very biased and filled with legal jargon and complicated clauses.

  • Do you have disputes with tenants about the content of your clauses?
  • Do your tenants repeatedly and regularly breach your lease?
  • Do you spend hours negotiating terms of the lease with the tenant’s attorneys?
  • Do you require costly legal advice to help you defend your lease?

If yes, then you need our simple, clear and updated commercial lease agreement template.

Commercial lease agreements, specifically, need to be clear and thorough because commercial property is not regulated by statute like residential property (regulated by the Rental Housing Act). Remember though that the Consumer Protection Act can still apply to some commercial property lease agreements.

What do we offer?

We can review your current lease agreement template and give you our honest view on it. Just email it to us and we’ll call you to discuss it.

We can draft a tailored lease agreement template specifically for your circumstances that you can use for multiple tenants that:

  • is in plain language incorporating and explaining the complex issues of the lease;
  • is easy to read and understand so that you and your tenant know what you have agreed to;
  • will decrease the time you spend negotiating on the lease; and
  • reduces your risk of having to enter into disputes.

If you are a tenant wanting to lease a commercial property (for an office, a warehouse or industrial premises), we can review and negotiate the commercial lease agreement that has been presented to you by a landlord.


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.