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  • IT acceptable use policy or IT policies like email use policy, BYOD policy, computer usage policy or internet usage policy, data protection policy or protection of personal information policy

Are you looking for a Computer Usage Policy? A large portion of most company business is conducted with desktop computers, laptop computers, personal digital assistants and smart phones (“personal computers”) and related equipment (such as memory sticks and CD writers), all of which are invariably owned by the company. Users are given access to these personal computers solely to assist them in the performance of their duties.

This policy will help you protect these personal computers and the information handled by these personal computers. It does so by providing information security instructions relating to issues such as:

  • configuration control (around pre-existing operating system configurations and installed software)
  • access control (and use of company approved access control packages)
  • password management
  • networking (including issues around the use of data cards, Wi-Fi and peer to peer file sharing) and ripping C)
  • ripping of CD’s using company owned personal computers
  • viruses (and the use of anti-virus software and procedures to follow when viruses identified)
  • physical security (e.g. physically securing a laptop to a desk and smoking, eating and drinking near personal computers, as well as use of memory sticks).

What you get?

You get a Computer Usage Policy.

What makes us different?

  • Combined ICT Law and Labour law skills: Our policies are crafted with the input of ICT lawyers and labour lawyers thus ensuring that the critical related IT issues and people issues are covered
  • Decades of experience: the Online Legal team have spent years developing these policies in practice as attorneys working with thousands of organizations such as yours. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Easy to Read

In the fast paced information economy in which we live, people are pressed for time and will generally only read things that are relevant to them.  A good policy focuses on particular audiences (typically employees, management and technical staff) addressing only those issues that are absolutely needed and that focus only on the essentials.

Easy to Manage

We group together various issues in a policy. Problems that arise do so in relation to an issue. It is therefore easy to update our issue specific policies when reviewed by you (which should be at least annually).

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