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///Email Use Policy for your Organisation
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  • IT acceptable use policy or IT policies like email use policy, BYOD policy, computer usage policy or internet usage policy, data protection policy or protection of personal information policy

A good Email Use Policy will help to ensure that employees use email responsibility and avoid some of the risks of using email. Generally, by articulating what is permissible and what is not in an email use policy, an organisation may be able to demonstrate that certain activities engaged in by its employees fall outside the course and scope of their employment with the organisation (thereby avoiding vicarious liability for the employees’ actions), when called upon to defend its position (or institute legal proceedings to protect or enforce its rights).

How will an Email Use Policy protect your organisation

  • Reduce potential legal liability in respect of claims by employees or third parties.
  • Protect proprietary or confidential business information from unauthorised access or disclosure to third parties.
  • Prevent losses (e.g. of data and other proprietary information), errors, and mistakes.
  • Educate employees in the proper use of email and create an awareness of the associated risks.

Get one for your Organisation

We can provide you with an Email Use Policy setting out how employees can use email and guidelines on acceptable use. Some people incorporate an Email Use Policy into an Acceptable Use of IT Policy.


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