Access to Information Law Webinar

Access to Information Law Webinar2018-07-16T09:02:37+02:00
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Access to information law affects all organisations, especially in South Africa because both public and private bodies must give access to information if requested. Few people have a good understanding of the laws that determine when access should be given, and when it should be refused. When organisations plan how they must comply with various data protections laws, they often forget or overlook their access to information requirements.

We offer a practical short Access to Information Law Webinar, which is not a lecture on the law. Rather, we give you guidance and insight about how to comply with it.


  • Know what your legal rights and responsibilities are.
  • Know when to give access or how to get access.

Who should attend?

  • Information officers
  • Legal advisors
  • Compliance officers
  • Risk managers

When is the next Access to Information Law Webinar?

We haven’t yet set a date for our next live webinar. If you’d like to attend a webinar on this topic, send us an email asking us to set another date. All you need is a good internet connection.

What do we cover?

  • Why access to information is important. The risks of non-compliance.
  • An overview of global access to information or freedom of information laws. How is South Africa different?
  • Who must provide access to information and when?
  • The overlap between access to information laws (like PAIA) and data protection laws (like POPI).
  • The role of the Information Officer and the Information Regulator.
  • Taking steps to comply in a practical and effective way, including a PAIA Manual and reporting to regulators.