Email Disclaimer or Message Disclaimer for your Use

///Email Disclaimer or Message Disclaimer for your Use
Email Disclaimer or Message Disclaimer for your Use2019-07-22T14:50:20+02:00
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Are you looking for an email disclaimer? Are you looking for a message disclaimer for another kind of message, like an SMS, a tweet, a post on facebook, LinkedIn or a blog? Email is a critical business tool used by everyone and its importance just seems to be growing. But there are various risks associated with email.

  • The sender can disclose confidential information, fail to protect personal information, spread malicious code, defame someone, or conclude (or change) a contract by mistake.
  • Email can be unlawfully intercepted.
  • Disputes can arise about when an email is sent or received.

This is where email disclaimers come into play – they manage the risks associated with email. It is for this reason that they are commonly found on most corporate email. The law also requires various disclosures to be made in email.

Get an Email Disclaimer or Message Disclaimer

We can draft and provide you with a disclaimer for emails, SMSs or other messages. We can also give you one disclaimer that applies to all types of messages.  The wording can either be:

  • included in the email body, or
  • placed on a website and incorporated by reference into the email body.

We draft short ones in plain language that contain what they need and nothing more.

How you benefit

  • Keep information confidential
  • Comply with laws, like POPI, the Companies Act, and the CPA
  • Limit your liability
  • Only conclude contracts when you intend to
  • Lawfully intercept emails

Who does it apply to?

Organisations that provide email to their employees and consultants.


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