Franchising services – implementing the new CPA requirements

///Franchising services – implementing the new CPA requirements
Franchising services – implementing the new CPA requirements2016-05-02T18:10:59+02:00

If you are a franchisor (or a current or potential franchisee) you would have come across the new requirements for franchises under the Consumer Protection act (CPA). To help you comply with the law, we provide a few specific franchise related services.

How can we help you?

Our services will help you to:

  1. Be aware of the new consumer protection act requirements
  2. Understand  the impact of the CPA on franchises
  3. Get your agreements in order so that they comply with the CPA
  4. Implement the requirements of the CPA in a way that benefits you

What we offer

We offer the following services:

  1. Conduct a seminar, workshop, webinar or executive briefing on the new CPA requirements for franchises.
  2. Draft a new Franchise Agreement and disclosure document.
  3. Review current agreements to comply with the CPA and the FASA rules.
  4. Convert your existing Franchise Agreement template into plain language.
  5. Provide you with an Franchise Agreement template or a Disclosure Document template.
  6. Help you comply with the CPA regulations and implementation of a CPA policy that regulates the relationship between franchisee and franchisor as well as the relationship with you and your customers.


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.