Trade descriptions in terms of the New CPA Regulations

//Trade descriptions in terms of the New CPA Regulations

The new regulations have created quite a stir amongst manufacturers, suppliers and importers of goods and services in South Africa and have changed the way they conduct business. Now the regulations also require that specific information be supplied along with certain clothing, shoes, textiles and leather goods.

In terms of 6 (1) In order to assist consumers in making informed decisions or choices, for purposes of subsections, the importation into or the sale in South Africa of certain goods are prohibited, unless it contain a conspicuous plain language trade description stating clearly:

  • the country in which they were manufactured, produced or adapted;
  • in the event of a textile manufacturer, importer or seller operating in SA using imported greige fabric to produce dyed, printed or finished fabric in SA, that such fabric has been dyed, printed or finished in SA from imported fabric; and
  • that a locally manufactured product using imported material must state “Made in South Africa from imported materials”.

This regulation does not apply to –

  • textiles so small in size that labelling is not reasonably possible;
  • second-hand clothing imported for charity purposes; or
  • goods  where  the  number  of  goods  imported  by  a  natural  person  does  not

exceed 1000 single items in anyone calendar month, but does apply to goods imported for marketing purposes.

If you are an importer, reseller or distributor of goods it is important that you have a look at the trade descriptions. Make sure that they are in plain language and that they comply with the CPA and the newest regulations. If you need assistance, please contact one of our associates who will be able to get you and your business in line with the CPA.

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