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Shareholder Relationships can be the Mother of all Disputes

Good shareholder relationships are important. According to the Romans, community of property or co-ownership was the mother of all disputes. And this still holds true today. How often does the following scenario play out? Shareholder Relationships can go Wrong Two [...]

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Difference between Member and Shareholder

Many people ask us about the difference between member and shareholder. They are similar but distinct, and it is important to know how they differ. Difference between member and shareholder The term "member" has different meanings in different contexts. In a non-profit company, a member is [...]

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What did the new Companies Act do to my MOI?

Shareholders must know what changes need to be made to their company's MOI to bring it in line with the new South African Companies Act. These changes are important, as the new Companies Act puts many new requirements on the [...]

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Shareholders Agreements and the new Companies Act

Companies with shareholders agreements from before 1 May 2011 to regulate the relationship between their shareholders, are probably wondering how the new Companies Act will impact on them. Before 1 May 2013, the new Companies Act is not going to have [...]

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