What is the PIS Standard? China’s National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee (NISSTC) have created a working group to draft a Personal Information Security Standard (PIS Standard). The standard will have input from various stakeholders including the government, internet companies and various researchers.

What is the PIS Standard?

The PIS Standard will not be a law but a “non-binding guideline”.  The standard is the first of its kind in China. The standard is likely to be the starting point for data protection legislation in China. The standard will not only address data privacy but the security of information as well.

Why is this important?

The Chinese government has not implemented any data protection standards or legislation before. With the rapid advancement in technology it is important for all countries to introduce data privacy laws.

We are interested to see what will follow once the standard is released. Will this standard pave the way for data protection legislation in China? It will be interesting to see how companies will use this standard and what the effect it will have on businesses in China and their international partners.