National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper

//National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper

South Africa has a new National Integrated ICT Policy, which was approved by Cabinet on 3 October 2016. The South African government has changed its policy on information, communication, and technology (ICT). If you are an ICT company or in the ICT sector, this will have serious implications for you. They might not be bad for you, they might be good. But if Government changes its policy and strategy on ICT, it will have an impact on you – one way or the other. The government’s policy has been

The government’s policy has been criticised in the past (including by the Free Market Foundation), so a review may not be a bad thing at all. ICT Policy always has an impact on ICT law or IT law. It will also have an impact on any organisation which is dependent on ICT, which is most organisations. As a result, it is no surprise that many of our clients are very interested in the National Integrated ICT Policy.

New National Integrated ICT Policy

You can read about the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services’ role in ICT policy development and download all the related documents.

The process and documents

The process has been quite lengthy and extensive. There was an opportunity for you to influence the formulation of ICT policy, but that has now passed. The Government has published the following:

  1. Framing Paper
  2. Green Paper
  3. Discussion Paper (Note: comments and feedback were due by 30 January 2015)
  4. Recommendations
  5. National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper (cabinet approved it on 3 October 2016)

What you should be doing

  • Find out what the South Africa Government’s new policy is on ICT by reading the white paper.
  • Start working out what they could mean for you.
  • Get advise from Michalsons about what the implications of the ICT Policy could be for you.
  • Empower yourself with knowledge by attending an IT GRC Workshop.
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