Diplomats and Soldiers

//Diplomats and Soldiers

In our view, there are two kinds of attorneys, diplomats and soldiers.

  1. Diplomats try to ensure that there are no wars or prevent wars. No one wins a war.  That holds true in a legal war as well, except for the lawyers. Diplomatic lawyers (or commercial attorneys) try to ensure that their clients do not go to war with anyone, not their suppliers, customers or partners. They achieve this by managing risks, helping parties to understand the nature of their relationship and record it in writing so that there is a clear understanding of their rights and obligations. Diplomats put up fences on top of cliffs.
  2. No matter how hard everyone tries, sometimes it is necessary to go to war.  Sometimes even the threat of war can keep the peace. This is where soldiers or litigators are essential. Litigators are soldiers and they fight a war with words. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword.

Lawyers are by their nature either a diplomat or a soldier. You’re born one way or the other. As a client, you do not want a diplomat to fight battles and you don’t want a soldier to help you avoid a war. It is not going to happen.

We have both diplomats and soldiers, so if you want to prevent a war or if you have to fight a war – we can help.

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