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///Notarial practice | Fine art | Celebrity memorabilia | Collectables
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Michalsons has expanded our services for those working in the fine arts and collectables environment. We act as an independent verification and authentication agent for documents relating to fine art, celebrity memorabilia and other collectables. 3D imaging and other recent technologies bring with them new challenges for dealing or investing in artworks and collectables that are not true originals.

During the conceptual art era gallerist, Seth Siegelaub and lawyer Robert Projansky pioneered new approaches for selling intangible artworks.  They prioritized documentary processes above authentication of the artwork itself. Inspired by these ‘Siegelaub ideas,’ Leslie Downie – a former fine art gallerist – applies her notarial, information systems and legal practice skills to this emerging field. Our uniquely customized processes reinforce the true value of an original, as well as assisting clients to manage new categories of risk from advances in technology,

Who benefits from our fine art services?

Our fine art services can be used by artists, celebrities, gallerists, foundries, art dealers, museums, curators, art buyers and other collectors. Michalsons’ processes are not aimed at the authentication of artworks or collectables per se, but at verification practices for the records pertaining to them, and at privacy. Michalsons also regularly works alongside other law firms, to enable them to give a complete spread of services to their clients.

What records or documents do we verify?

Our customised fine arts and collectables services include verification services for records relating to:

  • attribution
  • originality
  • limited editions
  • provenance
  • ownership

Our verification services

Our verification services can be made available on site at galleries, previews and exhibition openings, or by private arrangement with individual artists, celebrities, dealers or art investors. Many of our pricing structures make use of deposits, with full fees payable on sale of artworks or collectables, when they can be recovered from the buyers.


Should you be interested to know more about these services Leslie Downie is available to meet with you to discuss them.