A King IV toolkit fit for King IV

A King IV toolkit fit for King IV2019-05-21T10:40:02+02:00
  • difference between King Code 3 and 4

As the person responsible for implementing King IV in your organisation, you need help. You need tools that help you transition simply and effectively by setting out the key difference between King Code 3 and 4. And you need it now, not later.

The outcomes you can achieve

By using our King IV toolkit, we can help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Know what extra requirements King IV has compared to King III by using our King III to King IV Comparison Table.
  • Save time and money by not duplicating the work you did under King III, and only doing what King IV requires by using our King Planning Tool.
  • Learn how to disclose your King implementation in a way that‘s informative to your governing body and stakeholders by using our King Disclosure Tool.
  • Identify the key people in your organisation responsible for taking certain implementation actions by using our Compliance Action Template.

What is our King IV toolkit?

We’ve developed a very useful package to help you. It comprises of the following:

  • King III to King IV Comparison Table,
  • King Planning Tool,
  • King Disclosure Tool,
  • Compliance Action Plan.

Our King IV toolkit comprises of tools for three of the King IV principles, namely: IT governance, Compliance governance, and Risk governance. You can use these tools in such a way that they can empower you to do the other King IV principles yourself.

Get the King IV toolkit fit for King IV for R827.00 ex vat.

Who should buy our King IV toolkit?

  • Company Secretary,
  • Governance specialists,
  • Legal advisors,
  • Representatives from IT (maybe the head of IT), and
  • Compliance Officers.

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