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Are you entitled to a British passport? Having a British passport allows you to live and work in the UK, makes it easy to travel abroad, and may be the first step in taking your business offshore. Some South Africans are entitled to British passports on application, subject to certain conditions. We can help you work out if you meet those requirements, provide supporting documents for your application, and facilitate the application itself on your behalf.

Am I entitled to a British passport?

You may be entitled to apply for British citizenship, and in turn a passport, if:

  • Your paternal grandfather (your father’s father) was born in the United Kingdom
  • Your father was born in South Africa
  • Your parents were married in South Africa before 1 January 1949 and were still married on that date
  • You were born before 1983

How we can help

We can help you by:

  • Genealogy researchers – putting you in touch with genealogy researchers who can check whether you fulfil the conditions and help you complete the application forms
  • Written report – drafting a written report to send to the relevant authorities in support of your application explaining how you are entitled to British citizenship and, in turn, a passport in terms of the law
  • Service address – acting as a service address for any correspondence related to your application from the relevant authorities

Our experience

We have lots of experience helping people and businesses go international by facilitating them applying for passports, taking their businesses offshore, and structuring their organisations to do business across international borders.


Interested in finding out if you qualify? Enquire now and we’ll contact you for more information.