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Do you need help with legal compliance? We can help you to practically and effectively comply with the laws, rules, codes or standards that apply to you (especially data protection laws (like POPI), IT laws, cyber crime and cyber security and plain language laws). We do this by following our four step compliance process.

The Governing Body’s Responsibility regards Compliance

The King Code (practices under principle 13 on pages 63 and 64 of the final King IV) recommends that the governing body should:

  • set the direction (or strategy) for how the organisation should approach and address compliance,
  • approve policy that gives effect to its direction and identifies the non-binding rules, codes and standards the organisation adopts,
  • delegate to management the responsibility to manage compliance effectively,
  • oversee compliance, including that the organisation:
    • understands that compliance creates obligations, and afford rights or protection,
    • takes a holistic view of how laws relate to each other,
    • monitors the regulatory environment and responds to changes in the regulatory environment,
  • consider receiving periodic independent assurances on the effectiveness of compliance management,
  • disclose the governance and management of compliance by the organisation, including an overview, focus areas, actions taken and plans,
  • disclose material or repeated regulatory penalties, sanctions or fines for non-compliance,
  • disclose any inspections by environmental regulators, findings of non-compliance and criminal sanctions or prosecutions. (Watch Before the Flood for the context of this practice).

There is a broad, transparent approach to compliance

The Michalsons Legal Compliance Process

Our process is insightful, entrepreneurial, and will reduce your overall costs. We have a “faster to market” practical approach. We have developed an approach to legal compliance projects that is both rigorous and pragmatic. It is simpler and quicker than most others. We help you to achieve the most, at the least cost. The benefits of using Michalsons include:

  • Get expert practical legal advice, support, guidance, tools and templates
  • Fast track your efforts
  • Reduce your overall cost of legal compliance by using your resources as much as possible

Lawyers should be judged on what they lawfully enable and not what they block

Four-Step Process

The four steps are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Plan
  3. Implement
  4. Review

If you are interested in us helping you through the process, complete the form on the left or contact us. We can give you details about how we can help with any step in the process and a fixed price quote.

Legal Compliance Audits we offer

Are you looking for a legal audit or legal compliance audit? We offer various different legal compliance audits. We also offer assessments, but that is something different.

Compliance Monitoring

We can also help you with compliance monitoring, which will help you to respond to changes in the regulatory environment.


If you are interested, please complete the form on the right or enquire now. We will contact you to find out more about your requirements and give you a quote.