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///Information Rights Complaint | Action to Take
Information Rights Complaint | Action to Take2019-05-20T13:51:08+02:00
  • Complaints, including an information rights complaint, privacy complaint, Michalsons complaint.

Have your information rights been infringed? Do you have a privacy complaint or data protection complaint? Do you want to complain that someone:

  • Has someone infringed your privacy by sharing your personal information or not taking the necessary steps to protect it?
  • Have you received unwanted electronic marketing (or spam), for example via telephone, email or SMS?
  • Is someone refusing to give you access to the information that you need?
  • Is a website using cookies without your consent?

A breach of privacy is a breach of trust and we all know how it feels. We can point you in the right direction to enable you to resolve your complaint.

Resolve the issue directly with the relevant organisation

First, try to sort out the issue with the organisation concerned. This is always the best route. Talking to people is usually the best way to resolve any dispute. Taking legal action seldom solves the problem.

Lodge a complaint

Report it to the police

If it is a criminal offence (which is not often the case), report the matter and open a case with the police. You need to go to your local police station and start there.

  • Give them as much evidence as possible.
  • Give an affidavit.
  • Make sure you get a report or case number.

Seek advice from Michalsons

You can also complain to us and we’ll try to help you. Please tell us what outcome or solution you are looking for. For example, do you want:

  1. To stop someone processing your personal information?
  2. Claim damages from the responsible party?
  3. Get access to information held by a body?

Please bear in mind that it is currently hard to take legal action in terms of the data protection laws of some countries because the laws have not yet become effective. One example is the Protection of Personal Information Act (which has not yet commenced).