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Robot law, laws of robotics, or robotics law is an emerging field of law and many countries around the world have developed their own Law. Michalsons, as experts in the field, have contributed to a book dealing with the comparative outline of robot law in different countries.

The law of robotics tries to manage both ethical and legal questions relating to the legal status of robots. Who is liable for defective robots and the damage they may cause? How do you protect intellectual property and innovation about robots and the intellectual property they may create? What should you consider including in the contracts for the research and development of robots? What about personal privacy – do robots invade our privacy and how do we protect our personal information? Do robots have rights? And many more similar questions.

We can assist you as you navigate this challenging field.

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Drone Regulations and the Road Ahead

The South African Civil Aviation Authority has finally released the regulations on Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), commonly known as the drone regulations. These regulations are coming into force on 1 July 2015. Are the Regulations practical and will they be [...]

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