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We are International experts on drafting legal documents in plain language or in plain English. We especially focus on the legal aspects of this.

We help people comply with laws that require plain language; manage the risks associated with legal documents; draft well-written legislation and other legal documents, and communicate clearly with their readers.

We do this by hosting workshops that train internal legal advisors on the principals of plain language law. We develop style guides to accommodate this new way of drafting. Among other things we host workshops that are designed to allay the concerns of colleagues who have not yet bought into this way of drafting in a legal context. Let us know how we can assist you.

We draft all our documents, guides and contracts in plain legal language and can quote to assist you to convert existing policies and contracts into plain language.

You can read our advice, or about the products or services we offer related to this focus area here or read on to enjoy our insights below,

Drafting and Interpretation of Statutes – Plain Language and Postmodernism

The drafting and interpretation of statutes is important because without them there would be no common understanding of what the rules are. South Africans are proud of having a democratic constitution. It is a legal guideline for right and wrong [...]

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Legal documents in plain language

All legal documents should be in plain language. We all enter into agreements regularly, whether it is a negotiated agreement or a retailer's standard terms and conditions. Most of the time, people do not understand many (or even most) of [...]

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The benefits of plain legal language

We believe we need SimpleLaw and plain legal language is a large part of that. We have to convert all horrible legal documents into beautiful legal documents in plain legal language. We can help you to use plain language in [...]

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Plain legal documents – some quick wins

When converting legal documents into plain language (or plain legal documents) there are some quick wins - some easy changes that you can make that make a big difference.  Converting a legal document into plain language takes time, but [...]

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