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Marketing (especially digital marketing, internet marketing, or search marketing) and advertising your goods or services to prospects, including promotions, competitions, events and sponsorships.

Luck or Skill: The Types of Promotional Competitions

If you're looking to promote a business through running a promotional competition, you will need to know about the types of promotional competitions you can run. You will also need to know how the law regulates those types of  promotional [...]

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Promotional Competitions and the Law

If you are marketer or brand activator who uses promotional competitions or prize draws as a way of promoting in South Africa, you need to comply with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) requirements in section 36 and Regulation 11. We [...]

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Cochrane Steel Products v M-Systems Group

Digital advertisers should take note of Cochrane Steel Products v M-Systems Group. Whilst advertising through Google Adwords, many people bid on keywords that include the trademarks of their competitors. For example, if you sell a drink like Coke, you want people searching [...]

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How to Block Unwanted Calls, Phone Numbers and SMSs

Are you the target of direct marketing? Do you want to block calls from direct marketers or stop unwanted calls or SMSs selling you things? Direct marketing is the when goods or services are sold direct to the public rather [...]

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Prize Draw – a Checklist to Comply with the Law

Prize draws and promotional competitions are governed by various laws to try and stop them from being abused or rigged. We help you by providing a checklist for you to follow when running a promotional competition as a way to avoid [...]

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