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Employment Equity Act Amendments: Employers to be punished not encouraged

The proposed amendments to the Employment Equity Act [EEA] will have the effect of punishing and fining employers who fail to prove on a balance of probabilities that they have complied with certain undefined fairness provisions of the EEA.   The [...]

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Will labour broking be banned?

In a labour broking scenario, a temporary employment service (labour broker) employs people who then provide services to a client (person for whom the work is being done).  For example, ICT Labour Broker employs Joe Soap (a computer programmer), who [...]

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Automatically unfair termination

Know, understand and apply the principles for determining the “dismissals”  regarded as automatically unfair, in the sense that employers are not able to defend any such “dismissals”. Persons who prove: an employment relationship, a “dismissal” and automatic unfairness are entitled [...]

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Rights of employees whose jobs have been outsourced

What are the rights of employees who previously carried out services that have been outsourced?  Is there any right to consultation or compensation, do the rules apply to all employees within the jurisdiction? Where services are outsourced, employees' services are [...]

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