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IT Law (or information technology law) as it is known in most parts of the world is a specialist area of law. IT Law is one of our key focus areas and we help provide many with practical legal solutions that they need. In the articles below, you can read our insights about IT Law.

Respectful Policies and Directives Book

As a lawyer, I’ve encountered many policies over many years. I’ve read, reviewed, interpreted and drafted them. I now realise that they were almost all horrible. I’ve seen the light and woken up to a whole new world. The light [...]

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You need a good policy framework

You must have a formal, structured policy framework in place. Policies are developed to assist in promoting appropriate behaviour in specific circumstances by persons within an organization. In the past, the need for documented procedures was perhaps less necessary in [...]

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ICO fines British Airways and Marriott International

The British information commissioner (ICO) issued massive fines this year against both British Airways (BA) and Marriott International for breaches in terms of the GDPR. BA’s website was subject to a hack where a malicious third party extracted 500 [...]

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ISO 27701 and information security in terms of data protection law

ISO 27701 was published in August 2019. It is the first international standard in the world which specifies requirements for a privacy-specific Information Security Management System (ISMS). It does so as a supplementary standard to others that they have [...]

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Data processing agreements are required by law

Data protection laws require data processing agreements under certain circumstances and impose severe penalties where they aren’t in place. Let’s talk about how these agreements are required by law and what you can do to get them in place. Data [...]

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Information Security and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the phenomenon of computer chips and sensors being embedded in everyday physical objects that connect them to each other and the Internet. It’s transforming the world, with service providers rolling out IoT networks [...]

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The options available when “partnering” with someone

Many clients have been asking us to explain the different options available to them when they want to work with someone on a project. The clients often use the terms “partner” or “partnership” to describe the relationship they intend to [...]

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IT contracts should be an easy journey

Why we love a well planned journey How do you feel about IT contracts? Whenever your business provides or receives goods or services with some online component, it is likely that you have entered into an IT contract. These don’t have [...]

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Cloud Compliance: What you need to know

Cloud compliance is about complying with the laws and regulations that apply to using the cloud. Most organizations are moving to the cloud because there are good business reasons to do so. The law does not prevent the adoption of [...]

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