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Protecting your intellectual property, especially copyright and confidentiality issues. You can read our advice, or about the products or services we offer related to this focus area below:

Fictional character – Protection through image trademarks?

How can you protect fictional characters from exploitation? Considering the potential brand value that fictional characters have for creators in video games and books, the following questions spring to mind: Does copyright provide an appropriate level of protection? What else [...]

Copyright Amendment Bill Summary

The Copyright Amendment Bill is a hotly debated document and the most recent edition was released in 2017. It’s rather confusing, and there are many different interpretations of the changes that are in it. We have created a Copyright Amendment [...]

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Copyright Amendment Bill Submissions

Last week Parliament heard the Copyright Amendment Bill submissions by members of the public. We were in Parliament to hear the Copyright Amendment Bill submissions and get all the latest insight from various stakeholders on the Bill. The sessions were [...]

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Can I get a software patent?

Software patents are a critical issue in technology and economic development because many global economies are driven by computer technology. Software developers are naturally keen to protect and monetize their inventions by using software patents. But what are software patents? [...]

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

You are in discussions with a potential investor, a potential joint venture partner, licensee or distributor of your intellectual property.  Protecting your intellectual property is critical.  Can you trust them?  Will they walk away with your intellectual property?  How do [...]

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Why Have an Intellectual Property Strategy?

Do you have a robust intellectual property strategy?  And why does it matter?  Intellectual property is one of the key assets of an organisation.  It is becoming of ever-increasing importance in this digital world where ideas and information can be accessed, [...]

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Please Call Me: Derisking your Makate

What does "Please Call Me" mean for your organisation?  The "Please Call Me" case (Makate v Vodacom) brought the issue of who owns employee-created intellectual property sharply to the fore.  This ‘David v Goliath’ saga, which lead to a legal battle all [...]

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Makate v Vodacom – the 5 minute speedread

The ‘David v Goliath’ saga of Makate v Vodacom, which proceeded all the way up to the Constitutional Court, highlighted the risks organisations face if they fail to properly address the ownership and commercialisation of potentially lucrative ideas created by their employees. Key take-away’s of Makate [...]

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Top Five Legal Issues Writers Face

When it comes to legal issues writers face, the challenges may differ according to the category each writer falls into. Academic writers, for example, may face completely different legal issues compared to novelists and poets. The one thing that is certain [...]

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